The Best Backyard Playhouse for your Family

June 21, 2017

The Best Backyard Playhouse for your Family

Summer is a great time to enjoy the sun and have fun outdoors. As a parent, you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to get creative and turn your backyard into a playground.  Having a backyard play area provides a fascinating place for your kids to explore, play, and learn. Remember that today’s laughter will become tomorrow’s memories and, as a parent, you should cherish and nurture these special times.

Backyard playhouses feature exquisite craftsmanship and architecture, which provides your children with a home/playground they can call their own while allowing their imaginations to run wild. The best thing is that you can choose the colour, siding, and various accessories like swings or a pirate ship playhouse to customise the exterior and interior of the playhouse to create the right space.

Choosing the Perfect Playhouse

As an adult, you probably recall all the memories of playing as a child. Research shows that there are multiple benefits children get from entertaining themselves. Having a playhouse is imperative, but with numerous options available, the only question is which one is the best.

Children love experimenting and can be messy in the process leaving a lot of cleanup work. If you have a child who loves painting, a plastic playhouse would be ideal as you can easily wipe down. If you’re looking for a classic, yet rustic look, the wooden model would be ideal and eco-friendly.

For children who love bringing their friends along, look for a playhouse that can accommodate more than four people to make their experience enjoyable and exciting. If your child is attached to their playhouses, you can look for one suitable for both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Factors to Look Out For

  • Safety

Safety should always come first. Look for a playhouse that has a slide or ladder that the child can easily access without falling. You can also look for an open model if you prefer to watch your kids as they play.

  • Accessories

Modern playhouses come equipped with extra tools meant to make the experience more exciting.

  • Size

To provide for fun and safe play, it's important to consider the size of the playhouse. If a playhouse is going to be setup indoors, then space will be restricted in most cases whereas outdoor playhouses can have more room to play. Parents can find the dimensions on the product description page. 

If you’re looking to make memorable moments for your kids, here are some play houses to consider this summer:

Little Tikes Town Playhouse

With four different themed walls, the Little Tikes Town features a gas station, grocery store, firehouse, bank, and a schoolhouse all in one. You’ll find a sports wall where your kids can shoot basketball hoops, throw a ball at targets, and throw or kick the ball into a net. To make use of the drive-through window, you could buy a ride on bike or toy.

Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse

Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse - Oz Kids World

The deluxe home and garden playhouse is a shed with open sides, but with a splendid structure and a roof. If you’re the parent who would rather watch your kids as they play, this playhouse has an open design that makes this possible.

With all the house like features like the mailbox, sand and water table, and kitchenette this will fulfill your kid's imagination to fullest and offer them endless fun!

Little Tikes Go Green Greenhouse


Do your children love being outside planting and weeding? The Go Green Playhouse by Little Tikes has a small area where your children can grow their own flowers. Moreover, it has tools for gardening. Find recycling bins and solar powered light. With this playhouse, you are about to have as much fun as your kids as you get to turn your dreams into reality right at the comfort of your backyard.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse - Oz Kids World

If you’re looking for a classic, yet simple Playhouse, the Little Tikes Cape Cottage features a simple interior space. Suitable for children aged two months and up, the cape cottage is made from durable plastic construction that will last for a long time. This playhouse is suitable to kick your kid’s imagination into high gear.

Happy Home Cottage and Grill by Step2

Step2 Gather and Grille Playhouse - Oz Kids World

Ranked highly on the playhouses list, this cottage and grill by Step2 are suitable for the backyard and a great way for parents to watch your kids have lots of fun during summer. Taking up the open design, the Playhouse keeps kids within view. Find built in shelves, kitchenette, fireplace, and a phone.

Warrigal Cubby House by Lifespan

The Warrigal Cubby House by Lifespan is a larger than normal Playhouse that will bring all the fun and excitement of going to the local park or playground into your backyard! The features are endless and start with the large spacious indoors but extend to all sorts of incredible activities like the rock climbing wall, sand pit, wavy slide, chalkboard, and Noughts and Cross game. With lots of well-positioned safety handles and sandpit cover, the safety issue for this structure is covered. Finally, the UV-protected and treated timber will ensure the large investment lasts a childhood!

Wallaby Cubby House by Lifespan

This elevated wood structure is sure to give your children and backyard some added entertainment. With the feeling that they are more in treehouse than a playhouse they can start forming their secret backyard club. This backyard house includes top quality wooden windows, a kid-friendly door, and cool red slide all to enhance the experience. With the UV stabilised and weather protected materials, the Wallaby Cubby House is sure to endure the elements of the outdoors and be safe for use for a long time.

KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse

Perfect for ages 2-8, the KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse has been beautifully constructed and your children will be wowed. Kids will appreciate the wide-open interior, attached letterbox, espresso picnic table, doors that that open and close, and outdoor grill with removable lid. And as a parent, you will love the reinforced wooden panels and water-resistant roof.

Backyard Discovery Timberlake

Backyard Discovery Timberlake

Made from natural cedar, the Backyard Discovery Timberlake can accommodate up to six kids at once.  The miniature kitchenette and snack area will make your kids explore and use their imagination as they play.

Summer is an amazing time to create beautiful, long-lasting memories. A backyard playhouse is a great option if you’re looking to keep your children occupied and entertained. Finding the right playhouse is critical. You need to know your child’s personality and find a playhouse that matches their needs.

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